Owosso Litestar #11

David Schroeder of Kansas purchased Owosso Litestar #011 in the Spring of 1985.

Body #8512909
Engine #14V-002855
VIN 1LSECP2E3F000011


This is believed to be Owosso Litestar #11

Warp Five Inc. (David Schroeder) was producing the " Starship " in 1999. They offered it as a rolling chassis kit for $ 8,995 or turnkey with a Kawasaki 750cc engine for $13,995.

Luke Chaplin took this photo of the "Starship" prototype at the Warp Five Engineering booth at Import Carlisle. After considerable prodding, they admitted that it was simply a Litestar with their name on it. They said that they were going into production and had three vehicles of their "new design" under construction. The improvements that they claimed were: the canopy would flip back "just like a real airplane", the back end would be flat with a radiator in it for a goldwing water cooled engine (considerably more power of course), and it would have "active tilt control" (not sure what that was or how it would work).

According to Dave Bauer:

I spoke to Dave Schroeder several years ago in the 1990's. I had him make a glass windhield for my Pulse. He told me that the white and orange car in his adds was actually a Pulse. Can't remember which number. He started producing one Starship based loosely on the Pulse with improvements, but his buyer fell through and he never completed the Starship. One interesting thing he did was that he produced a rear body for his Pulse that gave him enough room to install a rear facing radiator and A/C condensor below his tail light.

In 1983, Dave Schroeder and Brad Johnson were Litestar Dealers in Grain Valley, MO and their territory was listed as several surrounding counties.

In about 1998, Dave had decided to sell his vehicle and a few molds for $20,000. It is unknown where Litestar #11 is today.

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