Pulse #147

Owned by Brian Hrycko of Pennsylvania

Year....... Nov. 1985
Original owner.......Z Productions/Charles Dawson Holt, MO, then Shirley Mahalich of Midland, MI, then Doug Minert

Body #851029149
Engine #16M-005382
VIN 17JTW12R7FM000147

This Pulse was completely disassembled by 2007. Has good glass windshield and Yamaha engine. Frame is cut in half.

In 2020, restoration of #147 was being done by Nikki & Brian Hrycko.

Doug Minert had been restoring it before Brian bought it to either re-power with electric 144v system or a water cooled Harley 750.

Chassis been stripped and repainted, body primed. Itís got a new tinted canopy/windscreen from Phil Martin and a new dash, glareshield and aircraft tail from Doug Minert. Original engine removed.

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