Pulse #195

As the Pulse looked in 2000.

Steve & Debbie Cole own Pulse #195 today and restoration is underway.

Year............. March 1986
Owner.........Ben Scarborough dealer Texas.....Aber Hummel Hair International Corp. Houston, TX.......Steve & Debbie Cole
Body #86218194
Engine #16M-002297
VIN 17JTW12R5GM000195


#195 was located in Palestine, TX in Dec. 2000. It has twin headlights, round steering wheel, clear plastic NACA scoops and outrigger turn signals.

Steve Cole spotted this Pulse at a strip mall in Humble,Texas. The Pulse was being used as a sign at a bar called The Blue Angel. It had "Take It To The Limit" on the sides in vinyl decals. The bar owner said he was planning on painting it blue and yellow to resemble a Blue Angel. Steve inquired about purchasing it, the owner declined. It had been sitting outside on a sidewalk being destroyed by everyone and the sun. A few weeks later, Steve again went to the owner and asked to purchase it.

Finally a deal was made and they got it home.

After searching the internet from rocket car to airplane car. He found Autocycles.org.

It had the original Yamaha 400 which was replaced with a Kawasaki 750, but it didn't have enough low end torque. It was replaced with a Goldwing 1200, but that engine blew. Today it has a Honda VRF 800 with the original Pulse frame and chain driven wheel.

In 2023, the Coles had fixed/replaced several of the rusted parts, changed the windshield and purchased a replacement canopy. The next project is body repair and re-paint.

Below, at the 2023 National Rally, #195 blew the rear shock.

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