Pulse #211

Pulse #211 is owned by Stacy Lynn Kelly of N. Richland Hills, TX. The Pulse was bought from James Self in May of 2007.

In April of 2006, James Self of Grants Pass bought #211 for $8,000 from Scott Saunders of San Diego, CA who had purchased #211 in the spring of 2005 from Clay Holland of Hoover, AL.

At one time, #211 was owned by a Pulse Dealer located close to Syracuse, NY. Steven George assisted the former owner with the sale to Clay in Nov. of 2001.

Pulse #211 has a Yamaha 400 engine. Reverse gear, tow bar, black interior and an am/fm cassette radio.

According to company records, Pulse #211 was finished and ready for shipment on 3-20-86.

Year....... March 1986
Body #863016209
Engine #16M-002354
VIN 17JTW12RXGM000211

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