Pulse #279

Offered on eBay in July of 2020 for $29,900.00, #279 had 38,000 miles and today looks like a F-14 Tomcat after a re-paint in 2020. The engine is a 650cc automatic with fuel injection.

Possibly owned today by David Small of Reno, NV

Year......... July 1987
Original Owner..........Calhoun, IL............Stu Lagerbauer...........Robert Levesque, Hudson, Fl.... Big Boy Diesels............Fort Lauderdale, FL......? - University of Richmond, Virginia....David Small of Reno, NV?

Engine #SC02E-2324160
VIN 17JTW15G6HM000279

History of #279

Offered on eBay in Sept. of 2019 for $40,000

According to Stu Lagerbauer ....... A great friend of mine, Quin Calhoun, purchased the unit new from Owosso Motor Car in 1986. He had a ball with it for almost ten years, until 1995 when I took ownership.

As I understand, it was one of the last units, manufactured in 1986. The powerplant is a Honda Gold-Wing 1100CC liquid-cooled 4-cylinder engine. It originally featured air conditioning, however the installation was short of being quality, and soon was removed after purchase due to excessive shaft vibration.

It has independent front and rear air suspension as well as separate rear chassis air suspension.

After I purchased it, I removed the flimsy, paper-thin plastic dashboard and installed a new larger, more substantial machined-aluminum dashboard and integrated the air and lighting controls that were originally "add-ons" to the original dashboard. I also installed a new heavy-duty air-compressor and companion 5 gal air reservoir.

The body shell fasteners were replaced with aircraft-type "Zeus" fasteners for easy panel removal. The manual sliding canopy was updated with custom-built electric linear actuators and installed remote key-fob operation.

The interior originally featured two small "motor-boat" type seats that could accommodate one adult and possibly one scrawny child in back, provided the child had no feet and very small torso. I replaced the two seats with one very comfortable gray leather power seat from a Chrysler Imperial, reupholstered the interior with the remaining leather seating material from the Chrysler. The remaining rear space behind the front seat was delegated to storage.

In Sept. of 2004, 3279 was sold to Robert Levesque, Hudson, Florida

Below in 2004

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