Pulse #302

Year............ May 1988
Original Owner...........Terry Dean, MO.........Glen Choitz
Engine....... #SG02E-2213108
VIN 17JTW15G0JM000302

Glen Choitz says that #302 had been in a fire and he had to rewire it. In 2002, he was looking for a canopy and misc. parts.

Choitz says........I have to say .....this thing is a blast! I drove it about 2 miles total and never saw so many people craning their necks to look at a vehicle....stopped for gas and instant crowd. I actually got tired of explaining over and over what, when and why about it!

I think, when I start driving it more I may have flyers made up with all the info to pass out....the 1200 Honda interceptor engine seems to have more than enough power. Although the first 20 feet of starting out are a little slow because of the gearing, it really takes off in second and third.

Above all it is a really fun ride, my wife and little girl love it and we can all 3 ride in it at the same time, something we can't do on my shovelhead harley. And no, I don't want a sidecar for the HD.

On the plus side is I have already had inquiries into setting it on a parking lot for the day to draw customers by a conveinence store owner at about a $100 a day, not bad for something I have the grand total of $550 in it.

I will keep you posted ( good or bad) after i have logged some highway and rural miles with it!

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