Pulse #308

Pulse #308 is owned by Eldon and Tammy Simons of Michigan.
Year Built ... Aug. 1988
Body # ?
Engine #SC14E-2601737 .... 1983 Honda 1200cc
VIN 17JTW15G1JM000308

We put a down-payment for the Pulse in early summer 1988. When Tammy and I arrived at the Butcher farm, Sue and Ed were apparently surprised and also happy with the amount we brought, as the brochure did ask for a certain percentage of the base price.

The dirt driveway was empty except for a Pulse under a blue tarp (I forget its ailment) and also a wonderful Silver Bullet Pulse on their custom trailer! Man was that handsome! The plan was explained to us that it was to be brought to New York and driven a couple of times in front of the Wall Street Stock Exchange.

I so wanted the Silver Bullet for its sharp look...but we were not ready exactly for to afford such just yet. We were reluctant to leave the farm after the short hand-over of our order and a box of gadgets that we wanted installed for us. Despite the fact that we could not provide any valuable personal help to anything there...the Autocycle just caused us to swoon.

It was around August of 1988 that we took a bus ride to Owosso for picking up our #308 Pulse. We called Butchers from the Owosso bus station and left a message with someone. Soon, a call came via the desk clerk. She passed the word that the company limousine was to pick us up. I thought that neat and so did Tammy, but as I thought about it. "What limousine?" I deduced that it may be a Pulse. I went back to the clerk and noted to her that perhaps our ride didnt know that it was both my wife and I there. Sure enough...it was misunderstood.

Soon the Butchers picked us up with their station wagon. I think is was Sue that fetched us.

We arrived at the farm and out along their driveway were five or more autocycles. Sue commented that it was surprising that three of them were yellow, but that our "yellow" was the best. Sue had expressed that yellow was not one of her favorites.

What we got, being the only close tint available in town...was Chrysler Taxi Yellow. Ouch! was it hard on the eyes! Even the wasps in the area were frequently buzzing it.

I took more photos...even some shop shots despite the concern of one of the workers...Ed let it pass. Ed took me out on one of the rough country roads for me to try my hand at operating the Pulse. Arrgh! I did lousy, but I needed to get home again. Ed admitted to having already taken #308 out on a trip and related to having been challenged to a little one-on-one by someone in either a Camero or Dodge of recent make. He said he out ran them. I was a bit taken back instead of impressed. Yet, still...it demonstrated perhaps that the Pulse had ability.

Much to the wonderment of the Butchers, we asked if we could stay until early next morning. I needed less traffic to deal with and felt such being the best time. We left after snoozing in their livingroom past midnight. Got into the Pulse and headed North.

My first error...I forgot to ask if the engine required non-lead fuel. Leaded /Regular was available. My first stop had me unsure...since the engine is a 1200 from 1982 (I thought). I chose regular. There was some noticeable engine noise until the next fill up. We made it to Mackinaw City and decided to stay there since traffic and odd drivers were out and about.

Next morning after staying at a Motel...we headed to Escanaba. Now, the Upper Peninsula has mostly two lane traffic. The astonished and transfixed vehicle operators were anything but normal. Driving alongside of us with oncoming traffic drawing ever so close. Sitting on our tail trying to get a closer look. Slowing in front of us...you know. finally got to Escanaba and nearly lost a left wing stabilizer. Nut head driver intending to make a turn on the opposing side (needing to cross our lane), was caught up in staring that they allowed their vehicle to creep over and cut half of our lane in half. Arrrrgh!

We parked the Pulse in the garage of my wife's parents place where we stayed. We were done for the rest of the day.

The next day... we had to show off the vehicle to my parents. Reversed the Pulse from the garage, then put it in first gear to move down the street and.....yup....I didn't disengage the reverse motor. tore that tire up real nice.

Customer's Order.... #308
Salesman..... ED
Date Shipped.... August 25, 1988
Terms.... COD
Shipped VIA.... Will Pick Up
F.O.B. (blank)
Date (of invoice) 5/2/88

1 PULSE 17JTW15G1M000308
1969 Chrysler-Taxi Chrome Yellow
DAU 81746 Code Ey7
Carpeted Canopy
Interior Map Pocket
Pulse Logo Steering Wheel
Temperature Gauge
Adjustable Air Shocks
Added Options:
Carpeted Roll Bar
Rear Roll Bar
Courtesy Light
Fresh Air Vents
Safety Bar Lights (2)
Air Conditioning
Special Work (Radio-Helmet)

Paid Deposit 5/2/88......$3,500.00

All parts used in manufacture of this vehicle are either new or reconditioned and suited to their intended use herein.

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