Pulse #346

Air Sea Hybrid on side in graphics

Year 1990
Original Owner.........Mr. Denison - MI.......Mr. Bragg - 1994 - Virginia
Engine .......Honda 1100cc......#?
VIN 17JTW15G?LM000346
Prior Title # VA. 57114247.....now VA. 56005227


Mr. Bragg owned Pulse #346 since 1994 and lived in Warrenton, Virginia.

He had designs to create a flying car using the Pulse and had taken it to Oshkosh airshows several times over the years promoting his idea. The name of the company was :

"Air Sea Hybred Vehicles - A New Era in Personal Transportation"

Mr. Bragg's idea was to use Subaru engines to power a pusher prop, with fold up wings for street driving and a tail section that would fold out for flight.

In 2005 he contracted cancer and in 2007 had to give up his dream. The Pulse had been stored indoors since 2007. After he died in 2010, Mrs. Bragg decided to sell Pulse along with parts from modifications in Nov. of 2011.

The pulse runs although it needs to have the clutch adjusted and the transmission linkage adjusted. It has the 1100 goldwing out of a 82 interstate. Jim Davis had drained and cleaned the fuel tank and rebuilt the carburetors in 2011. Interior is in very good condition and the plastic windshield and the canopy are in excellent condition.

In September of 2012, #346 sold for $22,000 at auction.

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