Litestar & Pulse
Manuals and Sales Brochures

1985 Litestar and Pulse Manual

1982 Litestar Sales Brochure

Feb. 1982 Popular Mechanics article on the BD200
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Science and Mechanics Magazine Article

Magazine Article....1982

Motor Trend Magazine...1982

D.M.S. America....1982 Brochure

Cycle News....1982

Litestar Price List
Midcities Litestar Dealer
Arlington, Texas

1984 Litestar Brochure

1986 Sales Brochure from Rose Marine Inc.

1986 Pulse Promo Ad

Pulse Steering Gear Drawing

1989 Pulse Sales Brochure

1989 Pulse Order Form with Options and Prices

1989 Pre-Delivery Inspection Sheet
For Pulse #328

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