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This following trailer is a simple light weight design

Tilting Trailer for a Pulse


This trailer was not designed by an engineer. The info here represent the approximate dimensions of the trailer shown in the pictures. If these pictures are used by anyone to construct a trailer they do so at their own risk. This information is only provided to stimulate ideas to other Pulse owners who may wish to design their own trailer or have it done professionally.

2 inch square tubing with a 3/16 inch wall thickness

1 5/8 inch square tubing with a 3/16 inch wall thickness

2 inch angle iron 1/4 inch thick 11 inches long

1 1/8 "C" Channel approximately 12 Gauge

1/4 inch plate steel 4 inches wide by 11 inches long

Expanded Steel Mesh 1/8 inch thick welded to bottom of rails

1/4 inch plate steel 2 inches wide by 11 inches long

A winch is mounted to the front plate of the trailer. Based on the type and size of the winch, a boat trailer winch works well, you will have to either weld the winch to the angle iron or make a bracket to mount it. A nylon rope, steel cable or webbing can be used on the winch be sure to use one that is strong to eliminate any chance of breakage.

Tires are 21.5 X 60 X 8 they are rated at 933 pounds each and can be purchased at Northern Tool along with the axels. This trailer, if made from steel, is heavy. A Pulse weighs about 1,000 pounds so do not go to smaller tires you will probably have problems on the road.

The trailer hitch should be rated for at least 2,000 pounds (1 7/8 inch ball). Hitches can also be purchased at Northern Tool and many other places.

The safety chains should be attached to the trailer tongue to meet local laws and your towing needs. Safety chains, shown in pictures, should also be attached to the front of the trailer where they can be put on the front wheel tie down to prevent the pulse from coming loose. BE SURE TO DRILL HOLES IN THE PORTION THAT GOES THROUGH THE FRONT WHEEL ATTACHMENT POINTS SO SAFETY PINS CAN BE PUT IN PLACE. The rear of the Pulse should be tied down to the rail onto the 1/2 inch rod. Some Pulses have an angle iron that is accessible in front of the rear wheel. A small chain hook with 4 or 5 links of chain can be hooked over the angle iron and tied to the trailer with the "S" hook shown in the pictures. Other methods may be needed based on the construction of your Pulse.

The Pulse that this trailer was built for has a 500cc engine. If you have a larger engine such as a Gold Wing you may want to make the main rails of the trailer longer so you can adjust the positioning of the Pulse on the trailer for proper tongue weight on the towing vehicle. Once balanced, a wheel stop can be welded in place to insure consistent loading of the Pulse.

Use trailer lights of your choice, and clearance lights if desired or required. Run the wiring through the tubing for a clean looking trailer.

The ramps can be purchased from Harbor Freight for about $40. Cut a slot in the 1/4 inch portion that will match up and slid over the "C" channel to insure it will not slide off when the Pulse is loaded. With the ramps in place and the pulse lined up one person can load the unit. Release the forward tongue anchor and pivot the main rails of the trailer up. Put a large block of wood 6" by 6" or so between the bottom of the main rails and the tongue do not force it in. Once the rear wheel is on the trailer the wood block can be removed and the main rails will come down easily if you crank slowly. Re-insert the pin to secure the main rails to the trailer tongue.

Harbor Freight ramps...... 1,000 lb. capacity. Comes complete with two 2'' galvanized steel ramps, 6ft. long x 9'' wide, two angle brackets, and hardware. Shipping weight: 48 lbs. Item #44649-4VGA $40.00

Rubber Torsion Axle Suspension Units....... Item # 12422 2,000 lb. rating
Northern Tool and Equipment
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