David & Pat Vaughn

David established the Owosso Motor Car Co. in 1985.

Here he is driving Pulse #177 at the Owosso Airport in 2013.

David & Pat Vaughn at the 2010 National Pulse rally.

Steve & Linda Schmidt restored Pulse #177 in 2012.

At the 2014 Rally

A video was made of Owosso Motor Car Co. founder,

David Vaughn, driving Pulse #177 at the Owosso Airport.

Below, David Vaughn left, in 1985, looks over a new autocycle under construction at Owosso Motor Car Company.

David sitting in Owosso Litestar #1 at the OMCC factory

Below, David Vaughn in 2010, talking about all the challenges of manufacturing a vehicle.

"It is amazing that we accomplished so much in only a short time with so little funding."

David E. Vaughn passed away on June 29, 2023, in Owosso, Michigan. He was born on September 9, 1925, in Manistee, Michigan.

A Celebration of Life for David was held on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at Nelson-House Funeral Home, Owosso. David was interred at the Great Lakes National Cemetery, Holly, MI.

David worked at Universal Electric and Lee L. Woodard & Sons Furniture. He also founded Vaungarde, Inc., Flight 1 at Owosso Airport, and the Owosso Motor Car Company. David attended Michigan State University and served in the Army Air Corp.

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