2009 National
Litestar Pulse Convention

11th Annual

Friday Sept. 4, thru Sunday Sept. 6, 2009


22 Pulses gathered for a great weekend

2009 Rally was dedicated to Ron Palmer

Thanks Linda and Janelle for all you do

Thanks to Chuck and Linda Furgason for the booklet and dash plaques

Below, Margie gives a thumbs-up.

Judy giving Dave a ride

Thanks to Ray and Judy Johnson for food and hospitality

This was the year of the Horse

Below, Dan Acker repairs Steve's Pulse #185

Who would have ever thought that 10 years ago we would have such a great group of Pulse owners.

Two Pulses sold at this years rally on Sat. That is really exciting to see two Pulses show up un-announced for sale. Someone once said they sell like hotcakes, its certainly true.

Thanks to those who hosted all the events, Pulse owners who drove or trailered their Pulses all those many miles, provided the yummy food, planned the road rallys (we had two this year), set-up the rally photo (big job to get a cool new shot of the group) and edited the miles of video for the youtube channel.

It was fun to descend on Converse, Indiana and park on the main corner, creating a near traffic jam, as we enjoyed ice cream. Also watching Ray Johnson making the extra effort to give WW2 vets the chance to ride a B-17 bomber, which they gallantly served so many years ago.

Thousands of pancakes, hundreds of antique cars, trucks, motorcycles, the 50's rock and roll music and all those airplanes buzzing the field.

2009 was memorable and we can't wait until 2010. As Ray always says...."It's the people" that really make the difference.

Saturday afternoon, we drove over to Leo's Garage for a tour of Jan's collection

Grissom Aeroplex

13 Pulse Autocycles participated in the Road Rally held on Sunday. We went to the Grissom Aeroplex Museum just north of Kokomo on Indiana Hiway #31.

Above, Dave Kuras hitching up to the trailer

Below, Jeremy Dawes checking out a cockpit

We stopped at Converse, Indiana for ice cream and created a traffic jam

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