2013 International
Litestar & Pulse Convention

Marion, Indiana

Saturday August 31st --- Sunday September 1st

15th Annual

25 Pulses converged on Marion, Indiana this year and we had new rally hosts too.

Dan & Cindy Acker, Leo & Jan Doyle and Phil & Royce Ann Martin spent a year planning your 2013 Convention & Rally. Thanks so much to these individuals for all their hard work.

A complimentary Tenderloin Dinner was hosted by Arndt Mueller at his hangar again this year on Friday evening.

Photos from Saturday's Rally

Click here for a great photo of the Pulse group by Brian Matz

Pilot Justin Lewis put on quite a performance at the Fly/In Cruise/In on Saturday in his BD-5 Micro Jet.

Dave Bauer getting ready to race the BD-5 Jet

Guess Who Won

Below, Jim Bede, designer of the Pulse and the BD-5.

Below, Jim Bede in the BD-5 in the 1970's

Bud Light BD-5 Jets were a regular years ago at airshows around the world.

Remember the BD-5 Jet that also flew in the opening sequence of the James Bond movie, Octopussy.

A Historic 1929 Tri-Motor Ford flew passengers at the rally.

This was a great opportunity to experience the magic of flight in the world’s first mass-produced airliner.

The Sunday Roadtrip included Grissom Air Museum

Far right.....Janelle calling Dave to hurry up and take photo

Below, the Carpenters from Denver, Colorado.

Keith's other car is a Tucker 48

Below is the cake which was served at the Dinner

Bon Voyage until 2014


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