2014 International
Litestar & Pulse Convention

Marion, Indiana

August 29th through September 1

Labor Day Weekend

16th Annual

About 50 owners and enthusiast and 20 autocycles attended
this years Rally. Thanks to everyone who supplied photos.

Special thanks for all the hard work go to Cindy Acker, Jan Doyle and Royce Ann.

Judy and Ray Johnson for hosting the Saturday noon meal.

These events take alot of work, so please email a thank-you to organizers.

All kinds of fun at the Pulse Rally and Fly/In Cruise/In

2014 Dash Plaque

Cool photo by Arnie Press

2014 Rally Booklet

Ray Johnson on right ready to welcome the guests to the Friday evening meal.

"A toast to the Autocycles and their owners"

Below, David Vaughn on right, formed Owosso Motor Car Company
in 1982 and produced about 347 autocycles. If it were not for David,
we would not be having so much fun.

Don Willi looking over the cool Rally Booklet

Don gave an interesting talk on Pulse front wheel and steering triple tree upgrades.
Thanks to Don for sharing Pulse safety modifications.

Below, Phil Dawes restored Pulse #47

Fred Showalter re-powered his yellow Pulse #61 which meant a body extension too

Ralph brought 3 Pulses to this years Rally including this beauty below.

The Pulse group took a photo stop at the Egg Basket of the Midwest in downtown Mentone, Indiana.
Lunch stop was at Teel's and later a visit to the
Lawrence D. Bell Helicopter Museum.

Every road tour has a breakdown of some sort and this year was no different.

Doug Minert and his Military Tribute Pulse

Below, Craig brought 4 Pulses to the Rally this year which is a record.
Thanks Craig for all your effort.

Here is Scranton, Iowa built Litestar #1. Notice the smooth outriggers vs the Owosso
built Litestar and Pulses which have a humped outrigger.

Michael Boyson and son Jonathan also attended the 2001 Pulse Rally at Owosso, MI

Ken Weger

Linda relaxing

Chuck.... Are you having fun yet ?

One-of-a-kind F-16 Pulse owners

Dave Kuras and his converted three wheeler Pulse

Notice the larger rear wheels. Alot of body work also went into the conversion

Saturday afternoon at the Indian Pow Wow at the fairgrounds near Tipton.

Changing a tire on an Isetta is easy

Odd contraptions always seem to show up too.


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