2023 National Litestar & Pulse Rally

Sept 1 - Sept 4, 2023

Marion, Indiana

Labor Day Weekend

25th. Annual

Special thanks to our heros,
Royce Ann & Phil Martin and Cindy & Dan Acker
for hosting the 2023 National Rally

10 Pulses were in attendance, with owners:

Rich & Wendy Melewski with white Pulse #274
this Pulse was brought from Seattle for the farthest distance trailered ever to attend a national Pulse rally.

Sam & Cammy McCullough of Silverhill, AL with black Pulse #238

Richard & Zelda Schippers of Plainwell, MI with yellow Pulse #43

Ray & Judy Johnson of Marion, IN with yellow Pulse #347

Dean & Karyn Hooper of Hummelstown, PA with red Pulse #220

Andy & Ginger Segar of Bellevue, MI with white Pulse #28

Craig Heavenridge of Hartford City, IN with white Pulse #277

Phil & Royce Ann Martin of Lakeview, OH with yellow Pulse #122

Dane Lawicki of Troy, MI with burgandy Pulse #335

Steve & Deb Cole of Texas with red Pulse #195

Photos from Phil Martin and Frank Schmidt

Our fearless leader, Ray Johnson

Above, Phil Martin with Frank Schmidt

Craig Heavenridge with Rich Melewski

The following photos from Rich Melewski

2023 National Rally video #1 by Frank Schmidt

2023 National Rally video #2 by Frank Schmidt

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