Pulse #255

Year.... 1986
Color.....Red.....now white in color with dark red stripes
Previous Owners.......Joe Padula of Florida
Body # ?
Engine #PC12E-211138 (Honda 500)....converted to 750cc Honda
VIN 17JTW12R8GM000255

This Pulse was one of 6 vehicles that was sold by Heinz Bolender in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, for Joseph Padula who was a neighbor. At the time Joe was in LA and I conducted the sale with his Wife.

Heinz purchased one of the Pulses and years later realized that he obtained the wrong VIN number.

Heinz's Pulse Vin is ending in 000259 and the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FOR A VEHICLE that he received with the vehicle ends in 000255.

Heinz would be more then happy to exchange my title with owner of Pulse #255.

Heinz Bolender
2200 Shardawn Mews
Mississauga, Ontario
L5C 1W5

Telephone: 905-279-6218

Pulse #255 was sold on Ebay to Hal Lazar of Florida in Dec. of 2004.

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