Insuring your Pulse

What is a Pulse Worth?

The Pulse is insured as a motorcycle. Because it has a roll bar, most states don't make you wear a helmet while driving it.

In 2021, owners report that they are insured by the following companies:

Grundy, Farmers, Progressive, Geiko, Hagerty, Midwest Classic Insurance and others.



Buying a Litestar or a Pulse is just like anything else. The seller wants as much as he can get and the buyer wants the Best Deal possible. Remember.... there were only about 350 vehicles built.

Before You Buy

There does not seem to be too much difference in appearance between the various years of production (1982 to 1990). All seem to have similar frames and body panels, HOWEVER the body panels are not really interchangable, due to the fact that each was hand built. Different engine powerplants and options were also available.

Finding replacement body parts will be a problem....these you will have to make or repair replacement parts are available. If you find a spare vehicle, you could rob parts off of it.

You should always personally inspect any vehicle before you buy it.

Carefully examine the following:

******Engine and wiring

******Fiberglass for cracks

******Glass Windshields

******Inspect all frame weld joints for stress cracks

******Inspect main center support tube for rust by removing carpet

******Inspect outrigger attach points for rust.

Original Factory Price

The basic factory list price seems to be from $7,000 in 1986 to fully equipped models at about $20,000 in 1989-90.

Current Selling Prices in 2021:

A Pulse recently sold at a Mecum Auction for $57,000. But this is not the going price. This was auction fever.

Most Pulses in excellent condition sell for $25,000 to $30,000. Fixer uppers can sell for $10,000 to $15,000.

Selling Prices in 2010:

"Junkers or fixer-uppers"..... start from $1,500 on up.

Complete Pulse needing new tires, carbs rebuilt, shocks, general clean up ... start from $7,000 and up.

Good running condition......start from $10,000.

Beautifully restored condition......start from $25,000 to $30,000

Pulse #57 sold in May of 2001 for about $4,500. In need of restoration.

Two Pulse vehicles sold in the fall of 2001 for between $4,000 to $5,000. Both needed repair.

An early Scranton Iowa Litestar sold on ebay for $7,600 in 2003

A junker on ebay received no bids in Sept. of 2003

A fully restored late model Pulse sold for $12,000 in 2003

Pulse #25 in good condition sold on Ebay for $8,700.00 in April of 2004

Pulse #233 in good condition sold on Ebay for $9,450.00 in May of 2004

Pulse #314 in good condition sold on Ebay for $10,000.00 in Oct. of 2004

Pulse #24? in fair condition sold on Ebay for $3,450.00 in Oct. of 2004

Pulse #120 in good condition sold on ebay for $12,500.00 in March of 2005

Pulse #259 in good condition sold on ebay for $14,000.00 in June of 2005

Owosso Litestar #4 in fair condition sold for $7,000.00 in Sept. of 2005

Pulse #211 in good condition sold for $8,800.00 in April of 2006

Pulse #184 in good condition sold for $14,000 in April of 2006

Pulse #106 in fair condition sold for $8,000.00 in May of 2007

Pulse #271 in excellent condition sold for $20,000 in May of 2007

Pulse #150 in good condition sold for $10,000 in Nov. of 2007 (in England)

Pulse #233 in good condition sold for $13,000 in Dec. of 2007

Pulse #31 in restorable condition sold for $4,000 in April of 2008

Pulse #116 in restorable condition sold for $6,500 in June of 2008

Pulse #115 in good condition sold for $22,000 in Sept. of 2010

Pulse #165 in good condition sold for $17,500 in August of 2011

"Good Condition Vehicle".... can range from $12,000 to $30,000.....asking price

I hope this will give you an idea on pricing. If you know of any "selling prices" in the last two years, please forward that info and I will post to this page.

Insuring this vehicle seems to be no different than motorcycle policies.


Below are a few of the companies who will insure the Pulse vehicle. Information is provided by Pulse owners throughout the U.S.

Not all companies will insure in every state. Due to state regulations, the same insurance provider may charge different rates in each state.

Sept. 2010......Talked to my Independent agent in Owosso, Michigan 9-9-10 who sells Hagerty Insurance. Hagerty will NOT insure the Pulse. I am grandfathered in as long as I keep up the premium payment. If I drop it, they drop me. Now if you had Hagerty Insurance with several antique or collector cars and bought a Pulse. They would add the Pulse on, because they probably don't want to lose the large account.

Sept. 2008...........Walt Crompton of CA
Midwest Classic Insurance They required pictures and other details, and insisted that the car be in a locked garage when not in use. Their rates were $283/year, including collision (which they required that I purchase).

Sept. 2008..................Walt Crompton of CA GMAC
The policy over the phone in about 10 minutes, with no collision insurance, for $209/year.

2007.......Bob Hichborn.............
I just got off the phone with my Allstate rep and I was quoted $600.30 for the year. The biggest cost here in Florida is the Medical Payment. If I adjusted that number from $5000 to $10000, in case I were to have an accident with a passenger, the price goes up over $800.00

2007..........Ashok Rai........
State Farm $389.48 for six months [ thats all I need with the weather here ! ] Comprehensive policy including liability,medical and unisured motorist with unlimited mileage. Dropped Geico Cycleguard as they would not do a comprehensive policy on the Pulse.

2005.......Joel Patton..............
State Farm......$425 per year with an agreed value of $17,000. No milage restrictions. $500 ductable comprehensive/collision w/emergency roadside and uninsured motorist.

2003........Don Muddiman..........
Contact GMAC Insurance Touring Riders Insurance. I found them to give me the best coverage and price. Customer service number is 800-325-1190. My Premium was $274 a year in 2003. Reference my Name: Donald A Muddiman. My Pulse is setup as a 1986 custom motorcycle.

2001.........Luke Chaplin..............
Geico and J.C. Taylor (I already have policies there) and they quoted $386/year (Geico, second vehicle) and $340/year (J.C.Taylor, "Modified" class). Again, these were add-ons, not stand-alone policies.

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