1985 Northwood Auto Show

by Robert Morrison

Even though the Pulse was denied a showing at the Detroit Auto Show in 1985, this is the story of how I got the Pulse into another well known auto show in Michigan.

I am a graduate of Northwood Institute in Midland, MI which is an Automotive Management school for students who want to pursue a career in the auto industry. Every year the students put together an auto industry show displaying mostly new cars and trucks. It is the largest attended outdoor auto show in the country which is usually held during the first weekend in October with about 400-500 cars and trucks on display.

In 1985, I was the Auto Show Captain for the Special Interest and Antique cars sections. I had convinced Cars and Concepts, Inc. as well as ASC (American Sunroof Corp.) to come to the auto show to show off some of their prototypes. Because I had such a big section to fill, I felt I needed a few more exciting vehicles to show off and with a little research I came across Owosso Pulse Autocycle.

I got in touch with Sue Butcher, who was handling all the PR for the Pulse at the time to see if she would be interested in bringing it to our show. Within a couple of conversations, she agreed to bring the Pulse to Northwood.

Auto show weekend came and went and I can still remember what a huge hit the Pulse was at the show. So much so, that it was also used in the Homecoming parade that weekend. I remember how much attention it was getting from the spectators.

Even at night, we put a guard at its display
so that no one would steal it.

Sue Butcher stayed the whole weekend to promote the vehicle to the public and she was very busy the whole weekend.

Again in 1986, I was show captain for the same sections. Remembering what a hit it was, I contacted Sue Butcher to bring the Pulse to our show. She was reluctant to come because of other commitments, but I was determined to have the Pulse in my section another year.

Early in September, I had attended an Automotive Hall of Fame Induction in Detroit and talked to David E. Davis, Jr., who was just starting Automobile Magazine at the time. I told him about the Northwood Auto Show and he asked me to send him some information about the show and I did, also enclosing information on the Pulse.

He called me back and asked that I make room reservations for one of his editors, John Phillips, III, who, I believe, is now Editor and Chief of Car and Driver magazine.

Hoping she would change her mind, I told Sue the exciting information and she then agreed to bring the Pulse back for a second year at Northwood. It was another great year for the show and the crowds admired the Pulse almost more than anything else. Also, it was the only vehicle to be mentioned in Automobile Magazine's article about the Northwood show. How exciting that a national publication such as Automobile Magazine would mention the Pulse in one of their issues.

After that year I lost touch with Sue Butcher and OMCC and always wondered how they made out. I am glad to see that there is still interest in the vehicle and have always felt there was something special about it. I feel that there will always be a future for the Pulse and hope maybe some day I will have one of my own. So, I am here to tell you that the Pulse was very much featured in an auto show even if the people in Detriot thought it was a motorcycle!!!

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