The Second Generation Pulse Autocycle

Ed and Sue Butcher had a dream for the next generation of Pulse vehicles. Instead of the Pulse being powered by a motorcycle engine, the new model would have an automobile engine and transmission. This would allow for an automatic shift and have a 'real' reverse gear.

The Butchers believed that this would entice more females to buy the Pulse.

The Ford Motor company gave the Butchers a circa 1985 Ford Ford Fiesta 1.1 L engine. It may have been shipped from Africa, as Ed exchanged information with someone about this engine.

Ed Butcher describes the next generation Pulse with the Ford engine with automatic transmission

Ed Butcher passed away in 2008, however his daughter Lezlie and her family continue building this Pulse where Ed left off. This Pulse story will be a dream come true.

Lezlie and Bill Rusin

By April 2008, the Pulse is stripped down to it's socks and the re-building begins.

At the 2008 National Pulse Rally

Lezlie & Bill Rusin brought their Pulse and 'restoration crew' from North Carolina.

Lots of Great Memories at the 2008 Pulse Rally

Youtube Videos

Lezlie at the 2008 Rally

Meet Ed Butcher as he introduces you to the Pulse Autocycle. Ed, like Preston Tucker, had a dream for a more efficent, safe and
aerodynamic automobile that would look like the 'Car of the Future'.

Ed and his company built about 350 Pulses.

"Necessity designed it....we made it happen" - Ed Butcher

This video is posted in Memory of Ed Butcher......1946 - 2008

1985 Factory Tour of the Owosso Motor Car Co.

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