Litestar Pulse Steering Box & Front Fork

Don Muddiman
Check the main mounting bolts for the front forks. Check if they are loose by jacking up the front end and check for any side play of the fork assembly. There should be zero side play.

There are two large bolts located at the top of the suspension on the forward side. These can be tighten by removing the front wheel or maybe by removing windshield and going through the top access panel to fork.

Also there should be a locking tab plate bent over the sides of the bolt head to keep the bolts from coming loose. I had found on my Pulse these were never bent over from the factory. This would of been very dangerous if they had come completely out. You can use a chisel and a hammer to bend the locking tab in place. Also check the swing arm bushing for any play. Loosen the bolts slightly to test for play in the bushings.

David C. Ohmstede
When I turn the steering wheel back and forth of my Pulse #152 with out the wheel turning is there a lot of play in the steering wheel? It should be tight, mine was not and I found a shoulder bolt worn in the linkage next to the gear box. I had to pull the dash out and for some reason I had to pull out the glass windshield to get to it.

Tom Caprioli

In March 2001, I restored part of my LiteStar. On top of the steering box, I found this metal sticker:

Ex-Cell-O Corporation
Cone Drive Operations
Traverse City, MI
Model: H015-1
Ratio: 4 - 1
Serial#: 8504????004
Use AGMA Lube 8 Compounded

I checked Traverse City, MI and found two Cone Drive Companies. One was called Textron so I checked for Textron on the net and found all the information I needed to know about Cone Reduction Drives.

So, the company's new name is:

Cone Drive Textron
240 E. 12th St.
Traverse City, MI 49684

The play in the gear box may be taken up by adding the proper gear oil to fill the spaces.

Mobil Oil: 600W Super Cyl. Oil
Amoco : Cylinder Oil 680
Penzoil : Cylinder Oil 680

There is a screw at the base to drain the old oil and a screw on top to add new oil. The drive box is inside the dash and hard to get at, but worth a try if you are concerned about the free play in the steering. Hope this helps someone. :o) Tom Caprioli Netzine Editor

Turning Radius

The Pulse has a turning radius of seventeen feet six inches.

From Bob Hichborn

From Steve Schmidt

Pulse #177 has the Cone Drive Textron type steering box. It is red in color and has the Cone Drive label. As of 2013, Cone Drive has an internet webpage. But I have not contacted them to see if parts are still available.

To work on anything in front of dash, you should remove windshield. Your glass windshield is very fragile. To remove, first remove 6 screws that hold the fliberglass cover of the roll bar. Have someone gently lift fiberglass cover as you gently lift out windshield/black rubber all at same time. You can leave the rubber attached to windshield.

Tightening Up the Steering Wheel Play of Pulse #185.......FROM Steve Schmidt

Below is my steering box on Pulse #185 it is at rear of the dash instruments on the right. After removing the cover above the dashboard, you can easily get to the large nut on the side of the steering box. Loosen the nut and then the hex nut can be tightened by turning clockwise. Be sure to re-tighten the large retaining nut.

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