Videos from the 1983 Chicago Auto Show

Below, another video from the Chicago Auto Show

Below, The Litestar - 1984

Below, Carl Coates - Litestar of Iowa

Below, Arlon Fowler describes the Litestar

Jim Bede, designer, introduces the Litestar at the 1984 Chicago Fest

Introducing the "Litestar" by Kathy Fountain with Jim Bede in 1984

Drive the "Car of the Future"

Introduction to the Litestar at the Owosso factory

Jim Bede at the Owosso factory

Pulse Introduction

Meet Ed & Sue Butcher in 1989

Meet Ed Butcher as he introduces you to the Pulse Autocycle. Ed, like Preston Tucker, had a dream for a more efficent, safe and
aerodynamic automobile that would look like the 'Car of the Future'.

Ed and his company built about 350 Pulses.

"Necessity designed it....we made it happen" - Ed Butcher

This video is posted in Memory of Ed Butcher......1946 - 2008

Ed Butcher describes the next generation Pulse with the Ford engine with automatic transmission

Ed Butcher passed away in 2008, however his daughter Lezlie and her family continue building this Pulse where Ed left off. This Pulse story will be a dream come true.

Eldon Simons with Pulse #308

Here is a typical Sunday 'Drivers Meeting' at a Pulse Rally:

Lezlie at the 2008 Rally

COORS LIGHT company directors show off the Silver Bullet Pulse autocycle.
About 10 of these Bullet Cars streaked across America in the 1980's and 90's.

Pulse Rally

2011 National Pulse Rally Video #2

2011 National Pulse Rally Video #3

2011 National Pulse Rally Video #4

2012 National Pulse Rally Video

2011 Sunday Tour

Steve Schmidt's "Buying a Pulse" video series

So you want to buy a Pulse #1

So you want to buy a Pulse #2

So you want to buy a Pulse #3

So you want to buy a Pulse #4

Dave McCoy Electric Litestar

Ryan Gribble Pulse frame restoration

Jim Bede at the 2007 National Pulse Rally

Jim Bede at the 2011 National Pulse Rally

Buying a Pulse Autocycle for Fun

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