2022 National Litestar & Pulse Rally

Sept 2 - Sept 5, 2022

Marion, Indiana

Labor Day Weekend

24th. Annual

Royce Ann Martin and Cindy Acker hosted the 2022 National Rally

The Pulse rally centered around the Comfort Suites in Marion, Indiana

This year 11 Pulses showed up at the Saturday morning Fly/In Cruise/In. Craig Heavenridge would have made 12, but he had a mechanical malfunction.

Autocycle owners in attendance included: Doug Baer, Tim Becker with the Bede Electric, Scott Enerson, Dean Hooper, Ray & Judy Johnson, Lawicki, Phil & Royce Ann Martin, Sam & McCullough, Doug Minert, the Schippers and the Segars.

Members enjoyed the all-you-can-eat pancake/sausage breakfast at the big airport hangar. Saturday lunch was provided by Ray & Judy Johnson. Then a short afternoon ride for ice cream, and the Awards Dinner Saturday night.

The Sunday ride included a first-hand look at a vintage, haunted jail in Hartford City and then south to Albany for a scrumptious meal. After lunch we will take a ten-minute ride to Dunkirk, Glass Capital of Indiana.

The Farewell Breakfast Monday morning completed a fantastic rally. We salute Royce Ann & Phil Martin and Cindy & Dan Acker for hosting the event.

Hope to see you at the 2023 Rally

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