Pulse in the Movies and on TV

A Pulse was used in the opening credits of L.A. Story in 1991

Above, Steve Shafer's Pulse #74 - SeaQuest DSV


Auto Week or Motor Week - PBS TV program Oct. 26, 2003.
Short segment of an Atlanta, GA private car collection includiong a red Pulse.

Movie - The Fire Next Time.
A white Pulse is featured.

Hologram Man 2 - 1995

Lawnmower Man 2 - 1995

Demolition Man video ?

Back to the Future II - Dec. 1989

In 1990, Jane Colrin Pulse #344? and Gregory Keller (Pulse #345) ran their Pulses in a movie for a scene shot in San Francisco.

The movie title was 'Until the End of the World' with William Hurt.

SeaQuest DSV - 2002 - Pulse #74

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