Unknown Pulse Vehicles

If you can identify any of these vehicles, please e-mail the webmaster.

We need the Pulse Number

steveschmidt at hotmail.com

Unknown White Autocycle

Stan Leitner interview - June 26, 1983

Unknown White Pulse number

Located at the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dahbi and owned by Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

Unknown White Pulse with unusual mirrors taillight and striping

Unknown Red Owosso Litestar with factory Litestar graphics (rare)

Unknown blue Pulse owned by the now closed Flywheel Motor Group - Ed Hill - Alpharetta, Georgia

Ad read....1989 Pulse - 12,000 miles - Honda 800cc - call Ed Hill

Unknown VIN of a Silver Pulse located in Japan

Unknown VIN of a Coors Pulse located in Japan

.......Pulse #297?

Unknown white Pulse with red and blue striping owned by the now closed Flywheel Motor Group - Ed Hill - Alpharetta, Georgia

Unknown white Pulse in Florida in 1986 - Phil Martin photos

Unknown gray Pulse located near Shingle Springs, CA posted for sale on eBay

Unknown Silver Pulse

Blue unknown Pulse has butterfly steering but yet has a
pop up headlight that was probably retrofitted at the factory

The butterfly type steering wheel was used until Pulse #125.

The pop up headlight was used by the factory after Pulse #180

Could be Pulse #31?

Unknown white Owosso Litestar was on a pole near Daytona Beach, FL

It is one of the following Owosso Litestars ; #5, #10, #16 or #18

Unknown Pulse on a pole near Gymon, OK

Recently removed and put in storage according to Don Conley

Need owners name, Pulse # and Photo

Richard Melewski knows of a possible Pulse in Germany......solar power?

Looking for photo and more info

Unknown white Pulse in England ?

An unknown white Pulse with a tail was used in the opening credits of L.A. Story in 1991

Do you recognize the Pulse or the guys?

Unknown Pulse owned by Frank and Susan Brooks of Baltimore, Maryland in 1989
This twin headlight Pulse may have been re-powered with a Yamaha 750cc

Unknown white Pulse with tail on a trailer circa December 1989

Notice the tail number, N247M which is registered to a real aircraft.

Paint scheme is similar for both.

Unknown Black Pulse

Anyone recognize this blue Pulse from Haughton, LA area in 2008?

Unknown 4 wheel converted Pulse with VW - dual carbs

University Inn of East Lansing, MI. Unknown white Pulse sold by Don Weekley?

Bill VanEngelenburg of Titusville, FL owned 3 or 4 Pulses including this Pulse.
But we are unsure of the VIN number of this one.

We are looking for the owner of this Ft. Worth, TX area Pulse

May have been converted to a three wheeler.

Below, unknown Pulse body parts.

This pic was snapped at a Flint, Michigan airshow in 1986

Unknown yellow Pulse with Yamaha engine and twin headlights and blond man

See Pulse #75 If you find this Pulse....contact the webmaster.

Pulse #00?..........Year -?.......Unknown.....Texas.......Destroyed

Anyone know the owner ?

Located in Palestine, TX in Dec. 2000. Owned at one time by a Texas Pulse Dealer.
It has twin headlights, round steering wheel, clear plastic NACA scoops and outrigger turn signals.

Unknown VIN number of this red Pulse located at Universal Studios of Hollywood, CA

Somebody please jump out of the tour bus and take a photo of the VIN plaque on the dash.....

Unknown Black Pulse with Batman in Saginaw Michigan

Unknown yellow Pulse with Yamaha engine and Twin headlights

If you have any info on any of these Pulses, please email the webmaster

steveschmidt at hotmail.com

Doug Walsh (builder of the prototype BD-200) submits the following:

The Scranton built vehicles can be identified by the small wheels, with the outrigger tension rod fix, and bent square tubing frame around the engine. Scranton originally purchased 20 bikes and we used their first car as a test mule.

The vehicles described below are the only cars built by myself at Bede Design, and I can positively identify any of them if they are found.

The first autocycle was the prototype BD-200. This car shares no parts with any other car. Robert McRay rebuilt the BD-200 and it is thought to be in a Texas museum today.

The second autocycle was the Chicago auto show car which had a TIG welded round tube chassis attached to the front and rear of the main aluminum tube. It used one of the first two hand laid fiberglas bodies made from new molds. It also had custom seats, no exposed outrigger link, motorcycle forks and wheels, 450 automatic, small outrigger wheels, and an aluminum dash. It was white in color with a three color stripe. LOCATION UNKNOWN.

The third autocycle (chassis only) I built used round tubing, and a GPZ 1100 donor bike. It belonged to a dealer (Dave Scwartz), and it was later fitted with the spare set of hand lay-up body parts that we got to build the show car with. I don't know if it was ever completed. LOCATION UNKNOWN.

There was also a test car that used the very first Scranton built chassis. It started with a red paint job, but was later painted silver. This was the car that we used to develop the new suspension and car wheels/brakes right before I left Bede Design. It had the first prototype larger outrigger wheels, and I believe it was used after we left, for outrigger testing by Bruce Emmons. I dont know if that car was ever titled or sold. It can be identified by a nicer quality TIG welded front suspension, and volkswagen wheels and tires.

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