Jane & Jim Bede

Jim Bede at the National Pulse Rally

Jim attended many National Pulse Rallys
Jim with his wife Jane the 2012 National Pulse Rally

Below at the 2005 National Pulse Rally, Jim talks with astronaut Mike Melville and his wife.

Below, 2009

Above at the 2009 National Pulse Rally

Below, Jim at the 2011 Pulse Rally

Doug Walsh built the BD-200 for Jim Bede. Here is his story.

Below, Doug at the National Pulse Rally, driving Pulse #185

Below, Stan Leitner sitting in Litestar with Jim Bede on right
at OMCC Dealer meeting in Feb. 1985.

In the Spring of 1982, Stan and Jim took the BD-200 to Bike Week at Daytona Beach, FL.

Jim Bede in his BD-200

75mpg City and 102mpg Highway

Below, early Litestar dealer handout literature

Below, the Bede Fan Car

Jim Bede Aircraft Designs

Jim Bede is the father of the 'kitplane'

Below, the BD-4

One of the most popular Bede kitplane designs

BD-5 Prop

Below, the BD-5 Jet

The BD-5 Jet was featured in the James Bond movie - Octopussy

Below, the BD-7

Below, the BD-10 Two Seat Jet


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