1st Litestar Distributor/Dealer Meeting

Innsbrook, MO

May 17-18,1983

The following pictures were taken at the Dealers meeting at the Innsbrook Resort and Conference Center, near St. Louis, MO. Notice the Yellow BD-200. Also the white vehicle may be the one that Doug Walsh built for the Chicago Auto Show which was held in March of 1983. The dark blue vehicle looks like it is unfinished.

Bill Schmitz attended the meeting and recalls that, "Stan did the Innsbrook thing first class, the appetizers were great and the biggest shrimp I ever ate."

Looking for more info on this meeting.

Do you recognize anyone in these photos?

Picture #1...Below...man on Left?....Center with beard?...man sitting in Litestar?....Ben Scarborough with camera.

Picture #2...Below...Jim Bede....man sitting?...man on Right?

Picture #3...Below..man on left (restaurant staff)...Black coat? Red coat?...Tan coat?

Picture #4...Below...man sitting?....man Standing?

Picture #5...Below...Left black coat?...Black coat?...Brown shirt-Doug Walsh?...Bede on right.

Picture #6...Below...Jim Bede...?....Arlon Fowler with brown coat, hands in pockets.......man sitting?

Below....Sam & Sue Renauro


Larry Lemay and Nick Tsopas of New Hampshire

Don & Martha Rose, Arlon & Rhonda Fowler, Ben Scarborough, Kenny & Dana Crump
Litestar of Texas....Mt. Vernon, TX

Bob Briggs
Autocycle Today of West Linn, OR

Ed & Sue Weyman of Dayton Beach, FL

Armin, Elsie & Warren Jocz of Wheels Plus Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

John Donaldson, Barbara Collins, George Naples and Kevin Conner
Ocean City, NJ

Steve Heide and Nancy Kaster of Green Bay, WI

Sam & Sue Renauro of Newfield, NJ

David & Kim Schwartz of D.M.S. America Inc. of Northbrook, IL

Steve Charia of New Orleans, LA

Clarence & Clariece Greenwood of Las Vegas, NV

Ken & Karen Futterer of Dover, AR

Mrs. Betty Collier c/o James D. Collier of Altus AFB, OK

Tim & Jan Hayes and Ed Balkam of Murfreesboro, AR

Nick Nichols and Bo Paida of Port Aransas, TX

Ken Walkden of Delta, B.C. Canada

Mike Collado Itex Corporation of Stamford, CT

Terry Sisson and Scott & Teri LeForce and C.V. LeForce of Aurora, CO

Dave & Marsha Schroeder and Brad Johnson of Grain Valley, MO

Henry Capello and Dick Wilson of Waxahachie, TX

Jerry & Patricia Reynolds of Gassaway, WV

Frank DiMatteo, Bill Sostaric and Dave Bear of Monroeville, PA

Richard Kline Land Craft Ltd. of Millersville, MD

Bill Schmitz of West Chester, PA

Chuck Hansen of Bakersfield, CA

Tallie Jones of Tacoma, WA

Robert Dawry of Las Vegas, NV

Earl & Deanna McDaniel and John & Judy Stratman of Newburgh, IN

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wolfe and Lawrence Wolfe of Carte Madera, CA

Billy Inmon and Jim Grit IN-IT Corporation of Willard, OH

Robert Eldridge of Arlington, TX

Sugar Schwartz and Michelle Ladle
D.M.S. America Inc. of Northbrook, IL

Carl & Nancy Coates and Chris & Marilyn Coates and Mike Coates of Corydon, IA

Jim Blevins with Litestar of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dealer Meeting #2....Chicago, IL....Nov. 1983

Dealer Meeting #3....Owosso, MI....February 1985

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