Litestar & Pulse Replacement Parts List

Print off this handy list and keep with your engine manual.

How To Tear Down Your Pulse
A Step by Step Primer

The turning radius of a Pulse is about 18 feet.

Original Factory Pulse Parts Suppliers List from 1986

Here is a quick list of the major parts of a Pulse Autocycle:


Main fiberglass body
Nose cone
Right upper outrigger
Right lower outrigger
Left upper outrigger
Left lower outrigger
Upper rear body section
Lower rear body section
Gas cover for the upper rear body section
Roll bar cover (over driver's head)
Canopy frame
Glareshield (dash upper cover)
Dash panel
Flip-up headlight cover


Main tube frame
Front fork assembly - 2 pieces
Right inner outrigger
Right outer outrigger
Left inner outrigger
Left outer outrigger
Front roll bar
Front axel
Front wheel rim
2 outrigger wheels
2 outrigger wheel axels
Front fork assemble bolts


Plastic windshield
Plastic canopy
Plastic tailight cover
Plastic headlight covers - 2


There are many motorcycle engine choices or an electric option to re-power your Pulse.
The Honda 1100cc or 1200cc Goldwing water-cooled engine is the most popular.
NOTE: The factory used the air-cooled Yamaha 400cc engine and later the Honda Goldwing engine. Today, many owners opt to re-power using the Honda Goldwing 1500cc or the Honda Silverwing automatic.

Replacement Fuel Tank NO IMAGE --- Looking for supplier.

Ignition Switch

Replacement key switch available from TSC or maybe at "Wal-Mart". The part number is UN12140. It is called Universal Ignition Switch. Manufacturer NIEHOFF. Distributer is BWD Automotive, ..... Borge-Warner?

Replacement Plastic type Windshields and Canopies

FROM PHIL MARTIN of OHIO......I have windshields and canopies by a company that makes NASCAR windshields. They are polycarbonate and look great. If interested, please contact me.....Phil Martin - 419-376-7183.....2010

More About Windshields & Canopies

Make your own windshield idea

Plastic Canopies

CLICK here --- This page discribes removal and replacement of a Canopy

Window Weather Strip

Rubber Weather Strip is avialable from Rockauto -----Part description: Fairchild Part #059925 :

LINK TO Rockauto to ORDER

Fiberglass Body Panels - Outriggers, etc.

Click here for more info......Doug Minert - Portage, Michigan
269 303-6431

Fiberglass Vertical and Horizontal Aircraft Tail

Contact Doug Minert for Bolt-On type tail parts
269 303-6431

Interior Seats

Original Pulse seats were actually boat seats and today are available from marine supply stores.

This Page describes Interior Seats

Body Panels Fasteners

NO IMAGE --- This Page describes Body Panel Fasteners and how to replace them

To remove the rear body panels:

First......... remove the rear lower panel. This is the one closest to the muffler. Just unscrew all the screws holding it in place.

Second......remove the upper rear body panel. It can be removed without taking the canopy off. Before removing the upper rear body panel you must disconnect the tail light connector. The tail lights go with the upper rear panel and the wiring must be disconnected. The connector is located on the left rear side, just above the left rear access door.

Third........remove the oval bulk head panel behind the rear seat and package tray. There are screws around the edge holding it in place. Once that panel is out you can see the connector. If you are kneeling inside the Pulse looking to the rear, the connector will be on your right fairly low. Look for the wires. It just unsnaps. Then you can remove all the screws holding the upper rear panel and it will drop. You can then slide it to the rear and off the Pulse.

Pulse Graphics

Available from Doug Minert or make your own

Click here for Pulse Logo PDF file

Make your own Pulse Graphics


Towbars by Doug Minert


Towbar Plans....make your own

Pop-up Headlight

1984-1985 Pontiac Fiero Head light ----- These headlight mechanisms came from Pontiac Fieros and are well known to have problems. If yours does not work there are several possibilities.

1. Is the headlight system is getting power? Check your fuses, the multi-pin connector under the right side of the dashboard for continuity. If you get power there, the problem is in the headlight assembly.

2. There is a relay in the assembly next to the actuation motor that may have failed. This keeps the motor from getting the voltage it needs to operate.

3. The actuation motor itself may have failed.

If the problem is either 2 or 3, you are in bad shape because the motor cannot be operated with the light down. On the top rear portion of the light, you can see a knob on the top of the actuation motor, which can operate manually by turning the knob. You may have to go to a junk yard and pick up a used headlight assembly.


The speedometer and other gauges are usually taken from the donor bike and used in the Litestar or Pulse dash.

A good replacement speedo gear drive for the axle is Harley Davidson Shovel Sportster 67127-73 Right Side Chrome Speedo Drive 1973-84.

It is an exact match.

Brand is Dixie

Manufacturer part number is 67127-73

The Pulse factory speedo gear is usually located on the front wheel and a replacement can be obtained from a motorcycle shop or some owners have used a bright LED electronic speedometer from JC Whitney that uses 4 magnets wired to the driveshaft and a magnetic sensor.

It was calibrated by following another car at a known speed and adjusting a knob on the back. The problem would be finding a place to mount the magnets on a Pulse. You could replace with a 1976-1981 Yamaha XS360 and XS400 motorcycle speedo. Other owners have used a small LED out of an old computer and using electrical shrink wrap to attach the LED to a flexible tube and aimed it at the speedo which can be calibrated for any size tire.

OR.....some owners use a cheap handheld GPS velcroed to the dash.

Honda Goldwing Radiator and Fan

Some owners report cooler engine temps by 50% with an alternative product to anti-freeze called ENGINE ICE. This is very expensive since the amount needed to fill the system which includes a long run of hose from the engine to the front windshield area for the defroster.

Yamaha 400cc Engine

1982 Yamaha Maxim 400cc

Single overhead cam

This is the 400cc RJ engine.

Typical engine -1982 Yamaha SECA 400cc RJ Dual overhead cam or the Yamaha Maxim 400cc SJ Single overhead cam.

Some owners report cooler engine temps if they us SYNTHETIC engine oils. AMSOIL 10W/40W


1980 - 1982 Honda 1100cc Engine

NO IMAGE .... Typical engine - 1980 - 1983 Honda Goldwing engine

4 U.S. Quarts.....SAE ~ 20W/40 type SE (Summer)
SAE ~ 10W/30 type SE (Winter)

Premium Fuel

All Litestar and Pulse Shocks


(Old Numbers) Monroe Load Leveler

(Coil over shocks used front and rear)

Air-shocks are best>{? Dave Bauer installed Gabriel Max Air 819 (aka MA819 or 48819) on Front. About 75psi.

Jim Finch installed a pair of coil over shocks from Autozone part # 43048 . "I removed the front air shocks and installed coil over shocks. They fit without any changes just bolt them in. The ride is much better and the ride height came out just right. They sell for about $80.00 a pair in 2010. They were to fit a CJ7 jeep."

HERE IS ANOTHER SHOCK .....Gabriel Air-shocks # 729773

Also check with your local NAPA store.

Some factory Shocks used were Gabriel #49212. These do not have coil springs. On the rear, some owners use Monroe MA 746 with slight modification to the final drive mounting stud for the Honda 1100cc.

For the front.....some owners use Monroe 58575.

More About Shocks

All Litestar and Pulse
Front Calipers

1983-1987 Dodge Omni, Renault or AMC Alliance

AutoZone P/N C945

It was used for both the front and rear calipers

Front Rotor

FRONT ROTOR...Dodge Omni

Wearever Brake Rotor....part #YH141268
Aimco......part #5328
NAPA.....part 385885
Raybestos....part #7003
Bendix....part #141268

Also contact Summit Racing

Summit Racing

Front Brake Pads

1983-1987 Dodge Omni, Renault or AMC Alliance


Some Pulse calipers are from a 1983-1987 Renault Alliance. The pad stock number is MD218. Or from a 1987 AMC Alliance (Passenger Side) - AutoZone P/N C945

Disk brake calipers are the same front and back.


Front Rim

13 inch four bolt rim from a 1983-1987 Dodge Omni or AMC Renault Alliance

Tires..... Front

145 or 155 SR 13 Radial = (*Recommend Michelin 155SR13 XW4 Black wall, this is a symmetrical tire)



Tires........ Rear

Depending on your engine make and model and either Yamaha or Honda and ask which tire they recommend. Note: 145 is the width in millimeters - 13 is the rim size in inches Make sure the tire is symmetrical in tread design.  The 155 width is the maximum size that will fit without spacing out the rear sprocket and creating chain alignment problems - Yamaha Chain drive models.

Outrigger tires used on all Owosso Motorcar Co. built Litestar and Pulse

8" Trailer Tire

Four Bolt 8" - Trailer Rim ..... 8" trailer tires are available on the white rim at farm stores like TSC or Walmart for under $50.00.

Use a high quality 2 or 4 ply tire rated for Highway speed *Recommend Carlisle Brand

Note: Balance tires to provide for a smooth ride and to prevent repeated excess wear in one spot of the tire.

An unbalanced outrigger tire will rotate to the same position during its rest position (no road contact). Each contact with the road will then create excessive wear in one spot on the tire.  Run the tire  pressure between 10 to 20 PSI for increased tire wear and a smoother ride.The low tire pressure allows the sidewalls to flex thus reducing the scuffing effect/wear.


Front Wheel Bearings

BEARINGS - Timken L44600-LA and matching race.

(This bearing has a built on seal).
Always replace the bearings and races as a matched set.  Do not use an old bearing with new race or vice versa


Cone roller bearings are used in the Pulse and are the same for the front and rear axles. This cone roller bearing is a combo bearing and seal. The seal is bonded to the race of the bearing. So to replace the seal you need to replace the bearing. The cone roller bearing replacement is a TIMKEN L44600L.You should replacing the cone roller bearing with its matching race. Never install a new bearing with an old race or vice versa. Also dont forget to pack the bearing with grease before installing it.

Replace the front end bushing with a bronze or Oilite bushing. Your local machine shop can turn these out fairly cheap. The bushings are carrying about 50% of the total load (weight) of the Pulse and the loads are increased when braking is applied. Using rubber, Teflon or any similar type material will pound out in a very short time and created steering problems.


Bob Hichborn of Florida can supply new hub and make adjustments such as, 5 hole for different style wheels, change the offset of the mounting plate for wheels with offsets other than the old Omni wheel. Adjustments can also be made for various mounting plates for different brake rotors. If you get into this you'll need different caliper mounting plates. As long as you maintain the original tire height and width, you can go to a thin, lower profile 14 or even 15 inch wheel.

Outrigger Bearings

Two - 5/8" nuts or caps must be removed from the support block and it should drop down and wheel fall out of outrigger. Standard trailer replacement bearings. Always replace the bearings and races as a matched set.
Do not use an old bearing with new race or vice versa.

Anyone know of a supplier for new steel outrigger support blocks and steel parts? Bob Hichborn of Florida used to supply them.

Master Cylinder

1978-1983 Ford Fairmont without power brakes

Discount Auto Parts = P/N 10-1763

A fluid line fitting adapter maybe required.

Steering Box

Left - is the gear reduction type. SAGINAW Model #122

Pulse #199 has the SAGINAW steering gear box.  This is a true steering gear box.


Mullins Steering Gears Steering Boxes

The steering linkage is on the right side not the left as when the reduction unit is used.

Steering Wheel

Mfg. Unknown...... Early Litestars used a Butterfly type wheel from a go-kart....then the Owosso factory switched to a round wheel.

Reverse Motor

Brushtec MFG. ???

Do an internet search. They sell many parts for the Honda Goldwing 1800
For repairs ....check with your local alternator repair shop ...they might be able to replace the endcap for under $50.00. That should improve the power. The biggest problem with this setup is the drive cone has a tooth like design, this provides a very small contact area with the tire. If the driver was a slightly treaded roller shape, it might have more surface area against the tire and be much more efficient. The Reverse is only good on level, paved ground. If you try your OMCC factory reverse on grass or gravel or paved uphill, you are going to chew the tires to pieces.


Wiper motor

Wiper Motor Replacement

Several owners are using only RAINX and find that it works well

Speedometer Gear

MFG. Unknown....some owners are now using a handheld GPS

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