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Autocycle Plans


BD Trike

Bede Fan Car

Rolling Billboards

Body Fasteners

Body Removal

Pulse Story at Butcher Farm


Chicago Show Car

Comparison of Litestar and Pulse

Coors Beer Pulses

Dealers Meeting at Innsbrook, MO - May 1983

Dealers Meeting at Chicago, IL - Nov. 1983

Dealers Meeting at Owosso, MI - 1985

Digital Dash

DMS America

Engines and powerplants


Flying Pulse

Front Wheel

Fiberglass Repairs


Jet Vet

Pulse Lookalikes

Early Litestar Dealer Meetings

Military Graphics on Pulses

Movie Pulses

Original Owosso Litestar and Pulse Parts Suppliers

Owosso Litestar Owner's Manual

Pulse Story at Butcher Farm

Order Forms - Brochures - Advertising

Examples of Pulse Clothing - Coffee Cups - Key Chains

Pulse Dash Digital Upgrades

Pulse Disassembly

Pulse Fast

Pulse Fire

Pulse Graphics

1985 Pulse Manual

Pulse Outriggers

Pulse Parts List

Pulse Honda Powered - Parts List

Repair Tips

What to look for when Buying a Pulse

National Rallys

Pulse Reverse Gear

Pulse Safety

Pulse Seats

Pulse Specs

Pulse Steering

New Owners Survey


Scranton, Iowa Manufacturing

Space Shuttle Inn



Tomorrow Corp.

Tomorrow Corp. News Releases

Tour the Pulse Factory



Unknown Pulses

Value Guide

Understanding VIN Numbers

VIN Registry

Windshields and Canopies

Yamaha 400cc Info

List of Youtube Videos

Who's Who at Litestar Pulse

Dan & Cindy Acker

Dave Bauer

Jim Bede

Jim Bede Jr. - Electric Litestar EV

Ed & Sue Butcher - Owners of Owosso Motor Car Company

Harold Coker

Leo & Jan Doyle

Ed Butcher

Chuck & Linda Furgason

Mike Grindle

Kenny Haughton

Ray & Judy Johnson

Mike Lechlitner

Stanley Leitner

Phil & Royce Ann Martin

Rich & Wendy Melewski

Milt Banks Autocycle

Doug Minert

Robert Morrison

Dave & Janelle Ohmstede

Ron Palmer

Sam Renaruo

Don Rose

Rothfuss Pulse

Bill & Leslie Rusin

Steve Schmidt

Don & Sucha

Tom Caprioli

David Vaughn

Doug Walsh

Ken & Sylvia Weger

Hank Wilgus

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